Luke Markinson’s “Never Alone” is cutting-edge electro-pop

Los Angeles based pop artist and songwriter Luke Markinson could not have picked a better time to release his new song “Never Alone”. His debut single grapples with newfound queer love, how infatuation can completely change your whole perspective, vulnerability, and the future with someone special. 

Luke started making music on the now-extinct six-second-video-app Vine. In posting unique covers and heartful original songs, Luke garnered a large following. He has co-written songs, such as “My Heart Bleeds” which has millions of streams. 

The 19-year-old artist credits Charli XCX, The 1975, Kim Petras, and underground gay club music for inspiring his futuristic, glitchy pop sound. The idiosyncratic production takes elements from acclaimed hyper-pop producers AG Cook and SOPHIE. 

With bubbling beats and an instantly catchy melody, this song is a perfect vibe.

Follow Luke Markinson:

Twitter: @luke_markinson

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